Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm Busy Means IDGAF!

I haven't written a note in the longest, but as I was deleting a few things off my page I came across a few interactions from the past. As each of those situations dwindled I recalled either being told a certain two words or saying it to someone else. Those two words (well technically three without the contraction) were "I'm busy" it's an easy solution to getting out of a situation without being too descriptive or being too mean. In some cases a person could be genuinely busy. But as life has shown me, regardless of how busy you are you'll make time for those that matter.
So umm take heed to the following information: If you ever find yourself in a predicament in which you are the only one putting forth an effort, let go. If it was meant to be the other person will realize it and re-establish the situation. Never chase someone who won't even jog for you, know your worth and demand to be treated as worthy of such. This can be a real tough scenario for the kind at heart, but if you succumb to mediocracy that's all you'll receive. And I don't know about you but that's just not going to cut it.

But if that person does come to the realization that they've neglected you, be open to what they have to say & avoid the blame game. Discuss, but do not dwell upon the past. Find a common ground on how you both can improve things and make a conscience notation of each other's schedules. In essence, be mindful of the times that you contact a person if you know that they will be unavailable. Make an effort on both ends
to use your time wisely, for instance if you know you'll be busy all day but have a brief lunch break meet up then. When it all comes down to it convenience certainly helps the situation. So the next time you're considering on telling someone "I'm busy" tell them what you really mean. Whether its I'll be busy for this week let's plan to hang out next week or if you'll be busy indefinitely when it comes to that person and no longer wish to speak with them. It's always better to be honest than to beat around the bush. So I hope you aren't too busy to actually act on this. Because sooner or later the person who you may have been too busy for may be too busy for you because they're with a new set of people. So please make an effort to give a ....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where's Your Edge?

Recently, I came across a new slogan that coincides with my whole iLIVELIFEFEARLESS movement that I'm trying to start. The phrase is "Where's Your Edge?" a lot of people claim to be unique & strive to be different...but what exactly is the edge that sets you a part from others. Or even, if you live an everyday life what's something that can give it a little edge. It's 2010, we cannot settle for what's in front of us, but must face the shoulda, coulda, wouldas & make the impossibles possible. It's time to take the risk you've been afraid to attempt...stop thinking & do....stop wishing & accomplish. The things you think you can't do are within arms you're scared of rollercoasters, make it a goal to go to Six Flags & ride the baby rollercoasters & work your way up to the BIG ones. It gives you an automatic edge when you go for some of the things that even you didn't believe you could do...take a risk, the worst you could ever do is fail...but there's always tomorrow. So take control of your fears & start living life fearlessly, develop your edge & do it to the fullest. The world is watching you, so put on your best show...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Updates: Mixtape & Website Underway!


So far I'm feeling great about my progress on my projects. I've been recording for the mixtape & I'm loving the material I have so far. Figuring out the details for my first single & I already have the video concept. Just got to get some radio play soon, since it's a summer jam. Oh by the way, my website is finally starting to look like something...I'm going to buy the domain pretty soon so it will be under my name.

Other things to look forward to: 1) Natural Hair Documentary 2)Jewelry line 3) Dissolving Sandcastles Video 4)The launching of the iLIVELIFEFEARLESS movement!

I'm sooooooooooooo excited Summer 2010 is my year, Miss. Chevious eMCee let's goooooooooooooo!

Friday, June 4, 2010

2 Year-Old Who Smokes 40 CIGARETTES a Day

Watch it first, here's the links:

Okay, when I initially heard about this I thought this had to be a hoax. Then I saw the video of the baby smoking as if it was as normal as sucking on a pacifier or something--that was just mind blowing to me. He started at 18 months people...

First & foremost: WTH were the parents thinking of even ever handing an infant tobacco?

Secondly, if it's already bad enough for adults, why give it to a child so young?

Thirdly: Everyone knows that it's a carcinogen!

Fourthly: Did I not already mention he's only two years old...C'mon people something's gotta give.

I know the culture may be different in Indonesia (where he lives), but it's a(n) universal fact that cigarettes are not good for anyone, especially babies. An article that I read on the story even stated that the officials of the area where the child lives offered to buy the parents a car if they helped the baby kick the habit. Get this, they declined.

I don't know, this is baby experimenting to the extreme in my opinion...What do you guys think? Is it okay to allow hazardous behaviors take place in the youth if it's common in their culture? Since tobacco is targeted towards younger crowds, should they be allowed to consume it? Let me know what you think...

[Info from the vid: A two-year-old toddler in South Sumatra, Indonesia, has become addicted to cigarettes, smoking around forty a day.
The parents of Aldi Rizal say their boy started smoking cigarettes at 18 months old when his father, Muhammad, introduced him to the habit. They say Rizal screams, slams his head against the floor and even gets sick with withdrawal if he does not get his cigarettes.
His father pays 50,000 rupiah (five U.S. dollars) every day for two packs of Marlboro cigarettes - Rizal's favourite. Yet Muhammad, 30, a fisherman, claims his son is in healthy condition, weighing 25 kilograms. Rizal is undergoing a rehabilitation program under the supervision of Indonesia's National Child Protection Commission.
The commission also provides psychological treatment for the toddler. Footage of the child smoking that had been posted on the video sharing website, YouTube, drew world-wide attention to the incident.
Some cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, have banned smoking in public places but the rules are widely flouted.
The industry minister said that between 1960-2005, cigarette production jumped more than six-fold to 220 billion cigarettes.]